Tips For Choosing The Right Snorkeling Gear

Are you a scuba diving enthusiast, swimmer or just looking for a new outdoor adventure?  If so, then snorkeling is right up your lane!  Not only are you strengthening your swimming skills and endurance, but snorkeling gives you the opportunity to swim with vibrant schools of fish and other fascinating marine life.

The key to enjoying and excelling in any physical activity is achieved through knowledge, skill, and of course, safety!  For snorkeling in particular, having the right gear is critical for ensuring that you have enough air and that you’re protected from potential injuries underwater. Learn more about what to look for in safe snorkeling gear for you and your family!

Why Properly Fitting Gear Matters

Before heading out on your first snorkeling session, make sure that all your gear and accessories fit properly.  It’s definitely better to be safe than sorry!
Try on and select fins that don’t loosen when you swim about, plus it’s critical that your mask fits properly at all times too.  A clear, strong and durable mask is your window to all that gorgeous and colorful marine life underwater.

Selecting The Right Snorkel For You

Being able to breathe comfortably under the surface is a crucial element for snorkeling.  When choosing your snorkeling gear, make sure to purchase mouthpieces that adjust easily and fit securely.  Plus, you need snorkeling tubes that can accommodate comfortable breathing.

Snorkeling tubes need to be wide enough to create large blasts of air; this is essential for pushing out any water that accidentally sneaks in.  A longer snorkel allows you to be freer underwater and get closer to the ocean floor as well.

You may find that some brands of longer snorkels are a bit hard to maneuver at first.  This could potentially cause some stress on your jaw muscles if your snorkel is too large.  If this becomes the case, definitely consider a new snorkel length that’s slightly shorter but still gives that freedom of movement.

Learn How Snorkel Design Works

Understanding the functional design behind snorkeling gear makes selecting and purchasing products a lot easier.  Snorkeling gear has been innovated over the years to incorporate new mechanisms for simple and effective design.  For example, yesterday’s snorkels actually used a special blocking mechanism that functioned almost like a Ping-Pong ball.

Today’s most current snorkel designs feature durable splash guards, or water deflectors; these are needed to keep the tube airway dry.  Stellar gear design must be strong and durable, but it also requires lightweight materials and a minimal design that doesn’t detract from comfortable breathing underwater.

There’s some great snorkel designs today that feature mechanisms that actually work like tiny reservoirs!  This way, any left over water that wasn’t cleared out is contained and out of your air passageway.  Furthermore, this means you don’t to produce those large blasts of exhaled air as frequently as before.

For even more water leakage prevention, you can look into snorkel designs that use purge valves and other specially-designed draining features!  That purge valve will definitely come in handy when you’re grazing the water’s surface, a prime spot for quick water leaks.

Pay Attention To Quality & Simplicity

While some snorkeling gear may feature extra bells and whistles, you have to consider how necessary they really are.  Simplicity is important for today’s snorkeling gear design, as you don’t want those extras weighing you down or breaking off.  Follow what top, well-reviewed brands are doing in snorkeling design.  Always read trusted reviews from real snorkelers and don’t hesitate to try a variety of reputable brands.

Never waste your money on cheap snorkeling gear with poor quality.  Purchasing cheap gear in lieu of spending more money isn’t cost effective or safe in the long run.  Poor plastic design and mechanisms can easily break off underwater and leave you vulnerable.  It’s best to take the time to choose the right collection of high-quality snorkeling gear that’s perfect for you!

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